+ Nurtures, tones and reduces expression lines.

+ It prevents wrinkles acting on aged cells and allowing deep skin regeneration.

+ Healing, antibacterial.

+ It activates blood circulation and softens skin.

+ It can also be used as an after-sun emulsion.

+ It gathers antiseptic qualities from the propolis and softeners and lubricants from the honey with allow a fast aeration process once pores are clear.

+ It contains active elements that work towards leaving a restorative effect on tired skin.

+ Helps maintain skin soft and elastic.

+ Moisturizes nurtures and repairs dry feet.

+ It activates blood circulation.

+ Antibacterial, antiseptic.

+ Softens and revitalizes skin tissue, giving an energizing and relaxing feeling.

+ It can also be used as an after-sun emulsion.

+ Moisturizing and nutritious lotion that gathers excellent revitalizing properties from royal jelly and honey softeners, returning to your skin natural moisture and protecting it from external aggressions.

+ It penetrates skin without making it greasy, as it increases its elasticity and natural firmness.

+ Stimulates blood circulation and prevents skin dryness. It can also be used as an after-sun emulsion.

+ Moisturizing, nutritious and repairing oil.

+ Softening, antiseptic, healing.

+ All-over body oil that should be especially used on cuticles, elbows and heels.

+ Hydrating and relaxing body and facial massage oil.

+ The combination of almond oil, royal jelly and honey offers a revitalizing and softening effect.

+ It is quickly absorbed by skin and helps regain its equilibrium thanks to its nutritious and moisturizing properties.